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«Қытайлық брендтің әсері» бейнебақылаумен сұхбат - Goalong Liquor тобы.

01 қаңтар 7070

5 жылдың 2019 шілдесінде Goalong Liquor Group-ке «Қытай брендінің әсері» бағанына Goalong Liquor тобының қиындықтары мен жетістіктерін талқылауға қатысуға шақыру бақытына ие болды.


As a high-end talk show featuring Chinese brands, the “Chinese Brand Influence” column has been widely welcomed by the audience since its inception. The column has long insisted on reporting the growth trajectory of national brands with a fair and objective attitude.


The interview from "Chinese Brand Influence" highlights the confidence and strength of Goalong Liquor Group. In an interview, the chairman of the Goalong Group told everyone about his hard work and entrepreneurial experience, and lead everyone to experience the legendary style of Goalong Liquor Group.
104Goalong Liquor has three sales divisions, five molecular companies, nearly 100 employees (2018), 50 undergraduate degrees, 3 masters and above, 8 professional and technical experts, and leading domestically produced spirits for many years.